Standing in the large long meadows and dreaming about what could become of such a place, the concept of a blueberry U-Pick farm began in 2005. A new barn was constructed, the fields prepared and the blueberries planted.

The U-Pick farm had begun.

Hall Of Hart Herot

The Hall of the Hart Herot, a large, majestic, fictional mead hall, was often the stage for much of the action in the medieval epic poem “Beowulf.”  Built by the ever giving King Hrothgar, It was a monument of Danish morals and ideals. Hrothgar, meaning to live up to his predecessors and to make his people happy and content, resolved to build a hall that would hold his mighty band and reach higher to heaven than anything that had ever been known to the sons of men.

Hrothgar ordered Herot built and it soon became a legend during the battle with Grendel. They had purposefully built Herot to be strong and lasting, because this is something that they admired. It was built by loyal servants of a nation with much pride.

On this high ground, surrounded by the heavens, we too build a hall to celebrate, with family and friends, some old, some new and some not yet met.