Herot Hall

Our blueberries are very large. It has a very dark shade of blue and they taste like a blueberry looks.


We have completely remodeled the barn area with new decks ,an expanded ballroom, improved dressing rooms and bathrooms. We now have Wi-Fi along with a public address system equipped with video playback. Please call 304-9937799 and let us book your next event.

. Free parking available

Newly finished remodel after dusk


Welcome to Herot Hall Farm, located in Kenna West Virginia just three miles off of Interstate I -77.

When you visit our farm you will find a beautiful environment to enjoy God’s creation.  The sunsets are breathtaking and a clear night sky is mesmerizing..

Book your next wedding or event with Herot Hall Farms .



The Barn and area surrounding it has been completely remodeled to better fit our weddings, and receptions., The ballroom has been increased by 300 sq. ft. and the dressing rooms and bathrooms have been remodeled for your convenience. The patio and wedding area has been expanded tremendously and outdoor lighting has been installed for evening events and gatherings. Also for your convenience , we have WiFi and a new public address system for announcements and toasts

Well, 2017 has begun with a large since of optimism , we are planting over 600 Cider Apple trees and the meadows will also have plenty of color this year.  Thousands of bulbs and plants to be planted here for our new cut flower business. The meadows should be ready for wildflower picking by mid May or June. Come and pick wildflower bouquets for  your special event or just to take home. This year we are paying special attention to our blueberries and blackberries. We think we will have a great crop this year. A few dates are still available for weddings and special events so give us a call and let us take care of the rest . Walter

We  are booking dates for events this year and next, so call and let us help you get started. Call us at 304-9937799


Please leave any tobacco in your car  because blueberries can be infected by a virus contained in these products

I  wish to extend my  thank you to my customers.

We truly enjoyed meeting and talking with you. I look

forward to seeing you again…. Walter .



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